The tale of potentially 3 Roos...

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Balboaroc, May 15, 2009.

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    Feb 2, 2009
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    I just did a post in the gender folder if it would help anyone.

    This is our first year raising chicks. We have a flock of 10 that will be 11 weeks as of this coming Sunday. Raising primarily for eggs.

    I know one is a Roo for sure, Australorp. The other two I have strong feelings are roo also...a Buff Cochin and a Silver Laced Wyandotte.

    So how does this work? I know you need only one Roo for 10 hens. I do think I want to keep one Roo despite not originally planning to have them at all. I figure down the road when we are ready to hatch chicks then we are all ready to go...just need a hen to go broody.

    So far everyone is happy, no fighting which is good. They were all brought home together so I guess for now their pecking order is set. Will they start fighting eventually? The funny thing is the Australorp is the smallest and I know he's the one that runs the show. Though he isn't mean so I don't mind him...I'm quite fond of the little guy.

    I have Storey's Guide To Raising Chickens and I briefly perused flock management so I know the ideas behind it.

    We don't need 3 roos and I dunno maybe I would consider a trade for a pullet down the road when I'm a little more certain about the gender. I hate to mess up the pecking order ya know?

    I think my hubby is going to lean towards possible butching which I'm ok with I guess. I know its a fact of life I'll just have to get over the ickiness of it. So at what point would we consider usually only raise Roos to 6-9 months right?

    What are your experiences with more than one Roo in a flock?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    I have three roos and one hen who just hatched 3 peepers seven weeks ago. Two of the roos get along reasonably well, and much better when my hen is out and about and not sitting. The third roo has to be kept separated from all as he will fight to the death so it seems. Im hoping for the day when they all get along peacefully, but honestly, I dont think it will come. There are periods of more peace than others. Juggling them keeps me on my toes... Chicken farming is a very active sport I have found.
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    You will start to see fighting amongst them eventually. That is when you cull. Cull the one you like least first. Sometimes just two will get along okay. Usually 3 is pushing your luck. You can cull the least dominant one(s) or cull by looks. Whichever you really want to do. Or give them away, but it's hard to get rid of roosters.

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