The taming of the ducks - I'm kind of excited!


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
Just thought I'd share this story because I'm somewhat excited.

In early April we bought our first pair of muscovies at an auction, turns out the guy that had brought them is also a BYC member. He told us that they were hatched last summer and had been raised with about 60 other ducks, not really handled by humans until he clipped wings in the spring. Well of course they have had NOTHING to do with us - in fact we had to clip the wings of the drake (he only did hen ducks) and that drake earned himself the name Duck Dodger. They run from us hissing, etc. Well in the last few weeks I've noticed less hissing and more like a fast walk away
I've just tried to ignore them, let them see me leave treats out and not pressure them into coming to me.

I think it is working! Today I was sitting on the ground luring the other baby ducks that are not human imprinted to me with a scoop of food. I have about 10 of them now that will eat out of the scoop and let me stroke their backs. As I was doing this - lo and behold Duck Dodger and his faithful companion Dee Dee were less than a foot away!! They have never willing been this close to me! I slowly offered him the scoop of food but he just stood and watched, then walked away.

Progress is exciting!

Now if only Dee Dee would lay eggs

Duck Dodger:

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