The things I'd do for my chicks (very funny)

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    We had an old septic tank in our backyard. It's basically a huge hole in the ground, under a concrete slab with a pipe coming out the side, I assume it's for ventilation. This was in turn connected to an old-fashioned "long drop" type toilet. Two of my chicks used to crawl into the ventilation pipe all the time and one day they went too far... After going crazy looking for them we discovered they were inside the hole and the only way in is... Not through the concrete slab! Got a flashlight, handful of Chico #1 chick food and climbed halfway into the toilet with the food trying to get them. Bad enough? There were up to 15 people using that toilet daily for the past 3 years and it doesn't flush. Whatever goes down there just sits there. You can imagine! Off course the babies had an absolute joll down there and it took me some time to get them to come to the food, all the time making clicking noises, which usually works quite well. My husband was hysterical afterwards, kicking himself for not filming the rescue. I only saw the funny side much much later. I was too busy stressing and trying not to breathe. I swear, chickens have no sense of smell (lucky things). Needless to say the hole got blocked and the chicks got renamed. From that day on they were known as Nr1 and Nr2.
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    Haha! Awe that is so sweet! I have to say I would have done that to. Their our babies, and they always seem to find the worst places to go. Haha! You are such a good chickie mama! [​IMG]
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    Oh wow I agree you are awesome!!! Ummm that might have been one I would just have had to let them find their own way out!!!

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    I would have done that, but eww! [​IMG]
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    You're a chicken hero! Love the names [​IMG]

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