The Tiniest and Meanest Rooster in Georgia

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    Jan 5, 2013
    I have a bantam Old English Game Golden Duckwing he has always been independent and hard to handle. I raised him from a tiny baby. I kept him with his 3 sisters in the house and I have tried and tried to get him to not be scared to death of me. I have tried everything I have tried holding him at night when he is calmer, giving him treats, and just staying close. He get worse everyday. I built them a chicken tractor and put them out. I soon noticed that even moving the tractor once a week was not enough so I built them a fence to play in during the day. Well soon they seem to have outgrown that too. PS I have added to the flock and added a tractor.

    Little Speedy as we call him will fly out and get his girls and even the big rooster who he bosses around and the big Rhode Island Red hen to follow. Soon he was out in the road. This is where our butting heads turned ugly. I was trying to get them back in the yard and Speedy was leading them in the opposite direction. He would even crow and call the ones I chased back into the yard. He then ran at my legs and attacked me. It seemed more like someone threw him at me than a graceful animal attack. After that I could just go out in the yard or bring them food and he would attack. He even attacks with my back turned.

    Again I have tried everything...Holding him at night, bringing him treats. He does not bother my son or my BF. Of course my son has size 14 boots so maybe he is wiser than brave.

    His attacks slacked off then his favorite girl started the other day. I opened the door to the run and she flew at my face and clawed down my leg. That night I brought food and he kept attacking. I had flip flops and shorts on. I felt vulnerable so I kicked him. He would not stop throwing himself at my legs. I am starting to be afraid of him. His fav girl throwed herself at my hand when I opened the door again this morning. He is rubbing off on my Silkie. Silkie Don Benedict stays under my feet all the time. He will come when I call and tolerates betting. He throwed himself at me the other day. I do not know what to do. He is constantly getting into the road or leaving the yard and attacking me every chance he gets.

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