The Tiniest Pullet in California? Breed Inquiry

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  1. ErikH

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    Sep 26, 2012
    Several weeks ago, a local gentleman contacted me. He is sells exotic breed chickens and bee-keeping supplies to urban farmers here in San Francisco. I had purchased a frizzled Cochin hen from him late last year to add to my small flock of hens.

    The gentleman was looking for a home for a buff Silkie pullet that he had a special fondness for. He stated the hen was five months old and was the runt of the flock. I agreed to adopt this tiny little creature. While picking her up, I noticed that she was somewhat smaller (by about a third) than her siblings.

    The itty-bitty hen is the most endearing creature ever. I believe that she “imprinted” on a human early in her life (meaning: she has an unusual preference and bond for humans; this is a phenomenon that can occur is certain bird species).

    I have had the pullet now for over two weeks. During these few weeks, she has continued to weigh just under half a pound and still chirps like a chick. She follows me constantly and loves to be cuddled. She even taught herself to jump on my shoulder (See photo). Silkies can be friendly and docile, however, this little chicken is more like a puppy!

    I know that she is a Silkie. But there is something unusual about this tiny little creature.

    My question is: Are there such things as miniature Silkies? I am aware of the Pekin chicken breed, but she is smaller than most members of this breed too.
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    May 27, 2012
    I have no help for you but wanted to say how adorable she was!!!! So cute.

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