The top chicken won't leave the coop!!!

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    Jul 21, 2010
    I have two sets of chickens....
    2 reds who are 12 weeks old
    3 buff orps who are 9 weeks old

    The pecking order is as follows...
    Camilla 12 week old NH Red - TOP of the heap!
    Angel 12 week old red - Camilla's best gal pal

    Olivia 9 week old buff and big as all get out! Top of the three younger ones - but under camilla but not under Angel
    George 9 week old buff scared to death of Camilla and won't go past her! He is the third in line of the 5
    Blondie 9 week old buff scared of everyone except Angel

    Angel and Camilla were the first in the coop and the run as they were older... They were in the coop for a few days while we were finishing up the run, so they had more inside time in the coop and run before we put the littler ones in.

    This is how the day USE to go.... I go over to the run and say, "good morning girls, want to come outside and play." they all gather by the door. As i prop the door open i run across the yard saying, "come on, come on" and they all fly and run behind me to where it is safest to forage.

    Camilla has stopped coming out! in fact not only has she stopped coming out, but she stays inside the coop most of the time... she is not sick, eating fine, looks great... but has become a homebody. Because of this when i do the "come on" Olivia and Angel run after me, sometimes Blondie - George won't go past Camilla most of the time, but sometimes he sneeks out - after about 10 minutes Angel notices Camilla isn't there and then runs back... sometimes the 2 younger buffs will run back - George usually does... then camilla goes inside the coop and they all go in! They are not getting out lately much at all...

    Am i feeding them too many snacks in the run??? I have an old glass pie plate i use and i take out melon seeds and rinds - to leftover torn into little pieces steak - or left over salad stuff (NO dressing of course).... are they seeing no need to come out? It looks like they all would come out, but for Camilla... she has been grumpy lately!!! unsocialble... is she gearing up to lay eggs??? isn't she too young at 12 weeks?
    Thanks for any ideas....
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    if she seems ok my guess is that it is egg time and maybe getting broody? my buff started to nest even before she layed an egg.. now she squawks when you take them.. i refuse to let her be broody this time of year.... to close to winter..
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    Jul 21, 2010
    Quote:How old are they when they start to lay? I read on here one lady wrote hers was 15 weeks....
    Here are some of her behaviors maybe will be clues??? She is very protective of Angel... and clings to her! Angel will go off without Camilla, but Camilla won't leave the run/coop without Angel... She watches over her when she dustbathes, and even sometimes when she eats.... Camilla does NOT want any other chickens paying attention to Angel - She lashes out at George or Blondie if they are even NEAR her! Not so much with Olivia (the big FAT buff who is 9 weeks old) But, Blondie and Angel get along really well... George is neutral in his bahviors, does not lash out at anyone except when Blondie puffs up at him and tries to bump chests with him.... Blondie is an airhead and gets lost if she turns around more than once....
    So anyway... Here is an odd note... to add:
    Yesterday when my hubby got home... he let the chickens out of the run... they ALL came out! including Camilla... is it possible with how clingy she is to Angel and jealous that she is trying to get Angel to come back to where SHE is away from ME??? All the chickens come to me (i represent FOOD) and angel will come up on the steps with me when i am sitting there etc.... Camilla knows I AM the top chicken [​IMG] Is it possible it is ME?
    Also yesterday afternoon i was crouched down by the run door talking to Olivia and Angel came over CLOSE to my face (kind of freaked me out a bit) and then Camilla came over inbetween us and I said, "hi milla" and she did a watery poo.... like all water.... she has normal poo and seems to just do this when she is nervous or upset....
    Thanks for any insight....

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