The Trailer-Coop


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8 Years
May 15, 2011
My father and I have been debating plans for building a coop. I want to build a wooden one from scratch, but he wants to turn a big old camper trailer into a gigantic coop. Although this isn't it, this is kind of what it looks like, but much older:
It's got two doors, and needs jacks out under it to level it out. Is it really worth all the effort to trash out the inside and re-build it, or should we just build something exactly to what we need? The only real advantage I can think of for the trailer is that is a lot of space inside once the walls are out, and could make a nice "indoor pasture" in the winter (I'm slightly afraid I might lose birds in the snow in the winter:lol: )

I've kinda got a plan made up based on some of the coops I've seen on this site, and father wants me to "ask around" for advice.

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