The Tummy tucking flab busters of BYC 2012


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Jun 7, 2010
Welcome to The Tummy tucking flab busters of BYC

It is this time of year again when I notice that I no longer fit into my clothes the way I once did.
All that Christmas Turkey stuffing has finally settled on the hips and belly and yes the scales are creaking under the extra weight! I know this feeling too well as I struggle to come to terms with my love of food and desire to be fit and thin!

Last year a great thread was started called - Anyone ready to ring in the new year...and lose weight/get fit?

We had a great year and many folk who came on the thread got a lot of encouragement and help to shed those extra pounds! Though some folk like myself didn’t quite manage to hit the target. So with a New Year now approaching rapidly its time to give it another go! Will anyone out there join me as I try to put reason before my food intake, less inches around my belly and more inches between the ground and my backside!

Starting 1st of January 2012 anyone interested in signing up!!!!!!!
Let’s have a list of all those interested and see where we go from there?

Google spreadsheet

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Awesome oesdog, I'll join in. I shared in the other thread last year and have got very close to my goal weight. This year I really want to concentrate on maintaining the losses from last year and more importantly to tone, tone, tone.

Winter is harder for me higher calorie foods, not nearly as much garden yard work to burn calories, and the grey, cold, depressing winter days. The past few months I've fallen off the exercise wagon (yoga) and I want to get back on track w/ it.

Sorry I didn't pm you back yesterday oesdog I was at work and it was very busy.
I've been doing really good the past few weeks.... elliptical 30 minutes almost daily, light weight lifting occasionally, and the biggest change is going from 4 or 5 cans of Mountain Dew each day to just one, if even that. The biggest problem with the Dew is the company keeps calling me, telling me it may have to lay off employees if I don't fall back into my habit and support them.

I'm not dieting much other than cutting out that pop.

The hardest thing is to keep consistent reporting in on the weight loss thread and reading it. I'm happy to report as of today I'm only 7 lbs off of my goal. I want to see what 128 looks like on my 5'1" frame. Take 'er from there I guess.
getting sick pays which started me back on track and cutting out the dew!
You can be one of our resident cheer leaders to show reaching the goal weight can be done! Good luck with maintaining and toning.
Wow I am so glad so many folk are enthusiastic

- last year we did a weigh in every week.
If any of you want to post a chart for us to do that again I don't mind. Sorry I am not good at making those things so could someone else do it if you want to put one up and a link so we can all follow.

I have tried to contact as many of you as I could from the last thread to let you know a new one is up for this year. If I missed you out I am sorry - my hand is sore now from typing! I guess it is the only bit of my body that has had a good excersize today!!!!!!!

If someone wants to put up a chart that would be good.


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