The Unique Poultry Show!

Lauren Adams

Oct 29, 2017
Do you have a chicken with a cross beak? A Quail with a deformed foot? Or just a Turkey with a bold personality? Well feel free to enter them here! This contest is just for fun. This is a safe pace so no judging any poultry. You may enter any type of poultry. This contest is mostly just for sharing memories experiences and whatever else you want to. You can enter any chicken even if they are a completely normal chicken. Or if they died share memories with us. Thanks!
My "unkown" chicken I bought from TSC. She is becoming blind, so she gets special treatment :) my profile picture is her as a baby! She's a good layer, was the first out of my pullets to lay eggs last year! I've always hoped I could find more chickens like her, but I guess she's just unique :D

This is Huckleberry, he was a japanese bantam/old english game bantam/leghorn bantam mix. I had to help him hatch, and when he finally got out of his egg, there was something wrong with his toes. He got to wear bothersome duct tape shoes until his crooked toes healed, but, when they did, his toes ended up straightening perfectly. He lived with his grandmother-hen and his three siblings (Finny, Rosey, and Basil) until he and Finny got too rough for her. Then, poor little Basil died of unknown causes. I moved the three remaining siblings into another coop with five pullets and an older cockerel, all of which did not welcome the three newcomers. Eventually, I put Huckleberry and Finny into their own rooster-only pen with the older cockerel (Griffin) and a few others. The two brothers were best of friends, even though they did occasionally scuffle. Finny always won. Then, my chickens got a bad case of mites, and little Huckleberry died. He was a very friendly and outgoing rooster who would eat apples out of my hand. I still miss him. :(

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