~The Unknowing~ A Griffin Role Play (Accepting)

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  1. Welcome to ~The Unknowing~ Griffin rp

    The Griffin's have lived in the island Betacea for hundreds of years. It was the only place that the Griffin's could live in without the humans hunting them down and burning their nests. The Griffin's used to have larger territories spreading across the world. Then one day the humans moved in, taking the griffin's homes, and even some of the Griffin's lives. They didn't start hunting them down until they realised how valuable the Griffin's silver blood and feathers were. Now the Griffin's were nearly extinct making their blood and feathers even more valuable then ever. People have searched the whole island only killing 1 every few months when lucky. Will the species survive and create a safe haven so the species can live in peace. Or will the species die off and never be seen again.


    -I am the creator of this rp and what I say goes

    -Be realistic(no superpowers/superheroes)

    -Listen to all alpha and Beta rules

    -Do not kill a character without the owner of the characters permission

    -No swearing

    -Be nice

    -Please carry arguments between users on pms

    -If you have read the rules and agree to follow please put "Griffin's" in other

    You are a normal person either helping your village get money from hunting Griffin's or you tend to the farms and gardens of the village. Some have become friends with the Griffin's and agreed to help them survive the hunters while others are setting traps and scouting the island for their nests. No one knows for sure where the Griffin's have set up the safe haven but the king has promised to find the last of the Griffin's and make the people of the village all rich.

    You are a Griffin you have to avoid the humans and carry on the species. The Griffin's have come across a hard time where there is little food and very few hiding places. Luckily the great council created a safe haven, a huge cave inside a mountain with small hidden entrances only the Griffin's know where they are. Everyone is depending on the alphas and betas to find a place where they can carry on the species and take back their home. Betacea.



    King-Is the boss of the people within the village. Decides laws and order within the village.

    Council Members-5 in the village helps the king decide laws. Also plans when to send hunting teams out

    Hunters- As many in the village. Hunt the Griffin's and bring the blood,fur, and feathers to the council to be shown to the king

    Villagers- As many in the village. Helps with the farms and gardens some owning store's selling the goods to others.


    Alphas-A pair for the group. They are mates.

    Betas- Second in command. Takes the alphas place when they have died.

    Patrol- They hunt for food and warn the alphas and Beta of humans getting close to the safe haven/camp

    Group Members- They are what makes the group. They live in the center of camp.

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