The Wicked Chicken Farm...A Western Town of Chickens!


5 Years
Dec 22, 2014
Bend, Oregon
What began innocently enough with the thought of a few fresh eggs daily, has, over the coarse of several years, grown into a small business and a little western chicken town! Living in the high desert of Central Oregon, it seemed natural to focus on a western the first building was built..our 'Wicked Chicken Saloon'!
With a proper drinking establishment completed, the next year we turned our attention to a mercantile and the 'No-Tell Hotel'. We converted an existing tool shed ( exhausted from the saloon building adventure) and painted them the same color to create a cohesive look. Easy entry egg boxes attached to the outside and we called that one done.
This past summer we saw another construction project on the horizon in order to finish this 'town' and have enough space for..gulp..what had become 400 lovely laying 'girls'! So we rolled up our sleeves one more time and built, my favorite, the Jail-bird house and Sheriff's Office. Clad in old barn wood and decorated with some of my old riding ware, we are now, I hope, finished with our chicken project.
So much for a few eggs a day! Our clientele grew with the number of fresh eggs we put out daily, so, naturally, the egg hut needed to grow too! It's cute...all done on the honor system of days gone by; we offer eggs, produce in season and chicken related goodies.
Wicked Chicken Farm July 2018 011.JPG
Wicked Chicken Farm July 2018 008.JPG
I encourage everyone to follow their dreams...if you think you can't build, you can...if you want to sell fresh eggs, the happy clients will come. And can even turn a little empty outbuilding into a cute she-shed! Keep dreaming and keep those fresh eggs coming!

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