The Wicked Witch of the Spur

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    Feb 23, 2011
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    Well, I've mentioned I have one oddball hen who has a spur on one leg that would do a rooster proud. Well, I'd been getting about half a dozen eggs a day, and the ol' spur hen had been doing her thing, complaining a lot, and just being well, a butt, but only today I realized the real problem with her.

    I'd noticed my egg production was going down, and the other day found a wet place on the wood shavings that looked like a bit of yolk, a possible egg-eater?

    Well, today I noticed the spur hen was hanging out in front of the next boxes, then when a hen went in there, pecking her until she went out, and then mounting her! She was making their lives miserable!

    So, I caught her and put her in a small traveling cage, and am setting up a second, smaller cage, actually moved the 5' cube-cage made of cyclone fence pieces back here right behind my trailer, and the Wicked Witch of the Spur can go in there, along with some others I plan to sell ASAP. It's OK for 5 or so birds, who are being kept separate for some reason.

    As soon as I took her out, and went back and took the net out that I'd left lying on the cage floor where it was scaring everyone, they all calmed down and the egg laying commenced in earnest. I got 4 eggs in an hour.

    Now, it's a couple of hours later and it's amazing, everyone gets along! The big rooster, the little rooster, the hens, the 4 cockerels, utter peace and contentment is in force. Amazing.
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