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    Sep 22, 2012
    Okay, so there are already tons of roleplay threads, but I thought I'd take a shot at one myself! This is about a flock of chickens, ducks, geese, budgies (parakeets), pigeons, a whole bunch of pet birds who are stranded after a storm when their owners abandon them. PM me or post a reply with your birds (please ask first if you want to be something like a dog or cat.) And remember to HAVE FUN AND KEEP THE STORY GOING!!!! No cursing or extreme gore, please be respectful of others, and do not attack other players birds for no reason. (there's a difference between a bird being slightly rude and totally evil)
    Wild birds are okay, but its up to you to come up with a creative reason why they're still hangin' around!
    Your birds can die but ONLY IF YOU WANT THEM TO! No one else can say they killed or fataly wounded you unless you give the okay. If you have one bird or animal and it dies you can make a new one, if you have multiple birds you can't. Please don't show up, create a bird, and disappear of the face of the earth. Birds who are inactive for over a week will be temporarily removed. Contact me if you want to retreive a removed bird. (I do keep track of them.) PM me if you plan on leaving the thread for a short time (like vacation) and your bird will not be removed.
    I guess magic is allowed if you have a magic bird (see below) but tell me first, you CANNOT invent new powers to get you out of a pickle. And please be logical, only use it if a character is dying and the RPer doesn't want it too.
    You MAY NOT use magic in battle! This is not permitted UNLESS the other RPer's bird is magic too. It is totally unfair to normal birds.
    You can have up to five birds (any kind) and two other animals (if I say you can).
    Be as creative as you want in creating birds. ASK FIRST if you want something like a phoenix or another magical one, we don't want to many or the story will no longer fit!
    Please format your character descriptions like the one below.
    Time to start the story I guess! [​IMG]

    My birds:

    Name: JuJube
    Gender: Female
    Bird/breed: RIR chicken
    Feather color(s): Brown-red
    IDs (important details) : Very outgoing but sometimes stubborn

    Name: Dawn
    Gender: Male
    Bird/Breed: Homing pigeon
    Feather Color(s): Pale grey, shiny iridescent neck
    ID: Dawn was a pet homing pigeon before the storm but didn't make it back in time.

    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Female
    Bird/Breed: peregrine falcon
    Feather Color(s): Dark back and head with striped chest
    ID: Broke her tail feathers in the storm and could not fly away. More than a little tempted to eat Dawn. A lot more
    Here I go! [​IMG]

    DAWN: Dawn could never remember flying so hard. He should have taken flight when he saw the storm approaching, he should have flapped away as fas as he could. But it was too late now, he had to get home. Home, his little warm nest in the coop beside his friends. Home, that was where Dawn belonged, not struggling against these merciless winds. "Soon." he murmured to himself, "Soon I will be home." But then he spyed the wreckage. "No!" he cried. He swooped down to find the remaining pieces of his coop from the storm. "Screeeeeeee!" Her turned just in time to see the shadow of a huge peregrine falcon reaching out to grab him.
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    My Chook:

    Name: Admiral
    Age: 5
    Breed: Yokohama Rooster! (I love them so much!! )
    Personality/Traits: He's very bossy sometimes but is actually really sweet.


    I strutted around the forest. I loved Dean (The forests name) It was spacious and quiet. I had no Humans to boss me around. I soon spotted JuJube and clucked loudly to get her attention.
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    Sep 22, 2012
    [​IMG] Hi! Finally someone to roleplay!

    JUJUBE: I was stumbling around the forest after the storm, my humans were gone. I was a little lonely, but there were plenty of other chickens around to talk to. I heard a cluck, I turned around.
    "Admiral!" I swacked, flapping my wings. He had a beautiful tail. I half-hopped half-flew over, Dean was a good-sized forest, but Admiral was close.
    "Hi." I clucked. I hadn't seen him since the storm.
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    (Haha! I can't resist as RPG!!)

    "Hey! Havnt seen you since the Storm! Gows your old Folks?!" I asked. I called her Humans Old folks because they were very old in Chook standards! Sometimes I went around there for some treats and the Cock there was always intimidated by my size.

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    Sep 22, 2012
    JUJBE: I shrugged, "Haven't seen them since the storm. Have you?" I remembered the night they didn't let us out as clear as yesterday, in fact it could have been. Me and the other chickens were only able to escape when the wind blew the top to our nesting boxes off.
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    Sep 22, 2012
    New character, new post. [​IMG] (Also, I'm doing my other birds posts in third person, its just easier for me.)

    DAWN: Dawn flapped hard, he new that if he forced the falcon into level flight he could out-fly it. Then something odd happened, he swerved to avoid a telephone poll, but the falcon seemed unable to. She shrieked and crashed into it hard. Dawn would have winced, but he couldn't with a beak. Instead he cooed softly, "Are you okay?" The peregrine looked up, her wings still crumpled in a heap. He noticed her most tail feathers were broken or gone. The falcon rose unsteadily, "Yeah. Can I eat you?"
    He jumped, "NO!" The falcon sighed, "I guess I'll just walk from here." Dawn felt something like sympathy for her. "I have some seeds left. What's your name?"
    The falcon replied, "Shadow."
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    "Nah! 'Fraid not!" I said stretching my enormus wings.

  8. iluvorpingtons

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    Sep 22, 2012
    JUJUBE: I sighed. "Well, I'm going to look for some seeds or berries."

    Sorry I have to go now. I will be back tomorrow morning! Please keep it up!
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    (Okay!! [​IMG])

    "I'll some! I spotted some blueberry bushes further on near 'The Frozen Streeam' they should be ripe!" I chortled happliy.

  10. iluvorpingtons

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    Sep 22, 2012
    JUJUBE: I'd never tasted blueberris, but they sounded good, so I went to the frozen stream to look for a bush that was, well, blue. I spotted some blue-purple berries that looked ripe and pecked them off the bush to eat. "Blueberries." I said, "Yum."

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