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  1. the winged wolfs are at war Choose your side day or night?
    night's side is trying to take over day and plunge the earth into eternal darkness you choose your element and which side you want to fight for

    there are many different types of winged wolfs
    day ( only one )
    night ( only one )
    frost ( are sometimes made of ice and leave an ice path wherever they walk)
    fire ( wings are usually made of fire they can burn stuff )
    earth ( have a very flowery aura and are very connected with nature )
    sky ( usually spend most of the there time in the sky and usually live in the clouds )
    electric ( have electricity surrounding their body )
    water ( their body is usually made of water but the water is unusually very blue so they look solid fire usually cant get to close to water or frost )
    normal ( normal is just a regular wolf...... with wings )

    keep it PG 13
    no cussing
    you can mate but i really dont want to know the details about your mating =P
    have fun

    Night and day (one day wolf and one night wolf)
    med wolf (healer one per pack)
    general (leads the army one per army)
    army members (fights in the wars)
    members (regular peeps)
    pups ( age ranges from newborn to 5 )
    outcasts (kicked out of pack)
    loner (all alone out in the world)

    side: (night day or neither)
    reason why your on that side:
    if not on night or days side whats your pack: ( or if u have another pack and your on a side)
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  2. name: midnight
    gender: male
    crush/mate: was supose to mate with day but didnt want to
    rank: night
    element: night
    side: night
    reason why on that side: he is night
    history: was supose to mate with day but turned evil when i dark force overtook him

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  9. Frost bite88

    Frost bite88 Overrun With Chickens

    Gender: Female
    Crush/mate: was Night but Night went evil so now she's looking for a new mate
    Rank : Day leader
    Side: Day
    Reason is rank: she is Day
    History: was Night mate and they used to bring day and night
    Pic/ description:[​IMG]
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