The Wistful Story of a Bathroom Remodel ;)

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    Once upon a time there was a lady who moved into a little suburban cottage. While most of the cottage was small, the master bathroom was reasonably roomy, so the lady decided to make this room nice and comfortable. She brought in lovely wallpaper from an Atlanta design house, and hung thick tapestry curtains around the soaking tub. She brought in piles of ivory cathedral candles, Greek vases, flokati rugs, and hung Italian artwork on the walls. She even put a lovely arching brass faucet over the sink.

    The lady enjoyed a nice candlelight soak in her tub while music played, and she very much enjoyed her lady-boudoir.


    Then the cat needed a wound cleaned. Well, the bathroom shelf was wide enough on which to work, and that beautiful brass faucet was nice and high. She cleaned up the cat, disinfected the counter, and moved one of her Egyptian cotton towels over to the Pet Towl Stash.

    Then came some chicks. They moved into the lady's soaking tub, and suddenly there was an awful lot of dust in the boudoir. The lady took down her tapestry curtains.

    Then the candles went to the closet. With the rugs.

    The faucet continued to be very functional for cleaning chick poopy-butts and other bird emergencies, so the lady took out the Greek vases and flowers and left the counters clean and empty.

    Except for the layer of chick dust.

    Over the years, the bathroom remained the perfect place to house the sick and infirm, since the room was nice and quiet and stayed cozy and warm. Chicks hatched and grew there, cats and dogs slept there when they weren't feeling so well, birds recuperated there, and once or twice the lady even dozed there in the night next to a sick animal. The animals found it a soothing place, and they enjoyed the peace and comfort of the lady-boudoir.

    Years later, the lady realized she had only used her soaking tub once. Whenever she felt wistful about the loss of her beautiful bathroom, she smiled to think about all her dear critters and was glad to have a room where they felt safe.

    Then she remembered to silently thank that Atlanta design house for making such durable, scrubbable wallpaper.
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  2. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008

    Oh my, what a story! I imagine the lady said some very unladylike things along the way......
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    Wonderful story! [​IMG]
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    Been there done that!!!
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    Great story, I like that second bathroom much more!
  6. Birch Run Farm

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    Sep 5, 2008
    Thanks for posting that, I am sure most have similar lives! [​IMG]
  7. Jenski

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    Yah, I'll betcha there are thousands of folks on BYC who have a similar story . . . and some who lost their entire homes to their critters!

    Just be sure to put on scrubbable wallpaper and paint, and keep that Woolite Carpet Cleaner handy. [​IMG]

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