~~The Wolf Creatures~~RP


8 Years
The Plot

A war has begun between the humans and the Wolf Creatures. The human leaders want them killed. The Wolf Creatures want peace, and to be left alone. The WCs (Wolf Creatures) have trained in case of war for many years, perfecting moves the humans have never even dreamed of. But all they want is peace. The humans have superior weapons, the WCs are afraid they will wipe them out.

More to come...

Who will prevail? The humans? Or the Wolf Creatures?

Welcome to the camp, the home of Daka, the leader. This is a wolf creature RP. If you want to join, post here or message the form to me. The wolf creatures look like wolves, but are built like humans. They are not werewolves.
General BYC Rules
Be nice
All fighting must be fair
Do not RP as other people's wolves
Listen to LittleLady98, what she says goes
Wolf-things only

The ranks are:
Alpha male (Taken)
Alpha female (Taken)
Head Warrior (Open
Warrior (Any number)
Shaman (1 place)
Head Hunter (Open)
Hunter (Any number)
Elder (Any number)
Villagers (Any number)

Apprentices (Any number)
Pups (Any number)

Other info:
BYC username:

Alpha Male:
Daka: Aandra is his mate. Tall, muscular, has a scar on his right arm from a battle. His fur is grey, and he has deep blue eyes. Kind and gentle, but expects to get respect.(LittleLady98)

Alpha Female:
Aandra: Daka is her mate. She has fur black as night, and eyes blue as day. Kind and motherly, likes to know everything that is happening.(NixNoodleNumbat)

Danver: He is very muscular. He has bright blue eyes and light grey fur. He carries a spear with him and is always ready for battle.(NixNoodleNumbat)

Hsve: Female, no mate yet. She is silver with green eyes. She is fierce, brave, and can transform into a regular wolf. (singingchickenmomma)

Cameron: He doesn't have a mate yet. His fur is russet colored, he is slender and lithe yet muscular and very fit. It takes awhile to earn his trust and is quick to anger, however, he can be nice.

Garron: No mate, but he is very handsome. He is muscular, tall, intelligent, and brave. (LittleLady98)

Sei: He is slightly ginger with brown stripes down his back, dark brown eyes. She is rather hunched over from spending long amounts of time working with herbs. She is shy and quiet, but kind.(NixNoodleNumbat)

Zanda She is golden brown with eyes that match. Half of her left ear is missing from a battle she participated in when she was a pup. She is fairly young, and still learning how to hunt well.(NixNoodleNumbat )

Skyla An older member. She is good friends with Danver. She has never had a mate, but enjoys teaching and looking after pups. She is dark grey with black ears, nose, tail and paws.

Have Fun!
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Name: Aandra
Gender: Female
Mate: Daka?
Appearance: Fur black as night, eyes blue as day.
Personality: Kind and motherly. She likes to know everything that's happening.
Rank: Alpha female
Other info:
BYC username:NixNoodleNumbat
I'll join!
(BTW, it's alpha, not alfa)
You can start RPing now.

Daka sat on a log in front of the fire. "I wonder if I'm the only one left of the wolf creatures..."

(No one else?)
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Give it some time. You just made it today. Plus, you need to put WAY more info on there. More people seem to join a roleplay if you put a ton of work into it.

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