The worst pain ever


8 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Dad came and got me because my hens somehow sneaked into the house. Well, got them out with no problems and dad and I went outside for a few and as usual, I had no shoes on.

I turned to come in the house and suddenly had this horrible pain in my foot that wouldn't stop. I doubled over and couldn't answer dad when he was asking if I was alright. Finally I looked at my foot and there was a wasp/hornet thing attached to the middle of my foot. I knocked it off went into the house, put ice on it , took Tylenol and benadryl. Dad saw it was swelling and asked if I needed to go to the hospital because I am allergic to some stings. I said no and went to lie down for a bit.

2 hrs later I was in the most horrific pain I've ever had. The swelling was bad and my foot kept jerking involuntarily which made the pain worse. If that was possible. I go to the hospital and at first the doctor tried to pass it off that it wasn't that bad. He ordered a shot of pain meds and came back in 30 minutes and I was worse than before. They gave me more meds and finally got some swelling down in my throat and foot and got the jerking to almost stop.

That little bugger that sung me had hit nerves the multiple times it stung me. So now I have a shoe thing, crutches and bed rest for about 4 days. (As you can see, that isn't working for me). If the pain and jerking don't stop he wants me to go for an MRI. He said that I may have nerve damage.

It amazes me, that a tiny little thing like that can cause so much pain.

At the moment I am feeling almost good, tho a wee bit dizzy and goofy.
I still can't feel my foot or toes so thankfully I do have crutches tho I am a hazzard on them. Up side to the crutches is the hens like to hop on them.
Oh, Kitt, so sorry to hear it! Speedy recovery and best wishes,

Ranchy carefully steps away from the waving crutches....
Oh Kitt, I had no idea when we talked, although I did get the impression you were in a very good mood

Feel better soon
DANG!!! Did he give you steroids to take at home for a few days??! If not, stay aware of any changes tonight and head back to the ER if there is even the slightest change. These dang things can "rebound" after the original meds start to wain.
Intravenous Diladid is great. I had a hernia and went to the ER. They gave me Diladid and I called my boss while I was on it. That was fun.

Hope you don't have nerve damage. Maybe it's restless foot syndrome. Wear your shoes.
They didn't do the Diladid thru an it in hip....twice....i feel good..da da da da.....hehehe

I will def wear shoes outside...if I remember to grab them
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Nope they didn't give me a script for it. Just pain meds and antibotics. I'm just hoping that pain don't start up again. ugh

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