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9 Years
Jul 3, 2010
Our chickens have free range of our farm and are securely locked in their coop at dusk. We had a few problems with raccoons and removed five. A fox did take one rooster. But since the removal of the coons we have not lost anything-although I do know some loss is expected. And accepted.
The chickens do not range far and essentially just graze around the barn and farm buildings. We are remote from houses.
Arrive this eve to shut everyone in to find a miniature pincher in a pink collar in the process of slaughtering our chickens. It appears we have lost approximately half of our flock-approx. ten to twelve birds. I have two injured so unsure of them. One badly.
Tracked down the dog's owner and had a heated encounter where I was ordered off his property and left two dead chickens at his feet. The man argued his dog had never had a problem with anything except "one cat." I assume for the cat owner this was a pretty big problem. I told him that I was filing a complaint with animal control and if I ever saw the animal again I would shoot it. I bluffed because I am not sure about my state but do know in Wisconsin in the seventies we legally shot and killed a dog which killed forty sheep in one night.
These were beautiful chickens most of which we raised from day olds and had just started to lay. To me this is more senseless than the losses to natural predators. And guaranteed now that this dog has had so much fun here today it will absolutely return for more.
Next question-.22 or shotgun? L
So sorry or your sad loss... you're right- it is more difficult to lose birds to a pink collared pet than a raccoon or a fox, because the dog is someone else's responsibility. You're right - there are state statutes that are easy to find (google : (your state) statutes dogs killing livestock.) Most states are strongly on the side of the livestock owner, and shooting the dog is definitely within your rights. Terrible sad answer, but a great piece of paper to hand to the dog owner, along with the assurance that you will definitely reside within the law... and sincerely hope that he does too.
I can't imagine you'll see the dog again after that. If so, I recommend loading up the dog and taking it to the pound - a little checkbook therapy goes a long way. There are a lot of resources on this site... this is a topic that has been discussed ad-nauseum over the years.

So so sorry you lost your beautiful birds.
I would have shot the dog the first time it was in my chicken coop. I would use a shot gun since the pattern is larger so your not as likely to miss.
Agreed, if that turns out to be necessary.

BTW, totally off topic here Show Me Chick, but is that your daughter with a baby cornsnake on her hand in your icon? That is just the cutest picture!
Ibicella wrote: BTW, totally off topic here Show Me Chick, but is that your daughter with a baby cornsnake on her hand in your icon? That is just the cutest picture!

That's my daughter holding our young sand boa. They make great first pet snakes with minimal care requirements. They only get 18-24 inches and are very sweet natured. I'm getting another one soon.

pinkyglory123, hope you don't mind me taking about my snake on your post. Sorry in advance if it's not ok.​

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