The worst "weekend" ever

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    So I had yesterday and today off. As I type this at 8:19am today I wish I would of had to work. Yesterday I fell and sprained my ankle, which hurts pretty bad still. Then today I get up at 7:00 to put the dog out ( I usually work nights so 7 is way early for me) and what do I see our "broody" muscovy Wendy, out of the pen we had put her in after she kept taking her ducklings off over the hill where she lost one. I freak out and tell my sleeping husband, who says "oh no" and promptly goes back to sleep. I go in the garage expecting 6 dead ducklings as we had no light in there with them since mom had been there, but no they are all alive! YAY right? WellI pick them up and put them into a big bucket I use to feed the corn to the ducks, thinking I will bring them inside, but where? we arleady have a chicken and two ducklings in the entry way. I decide to just put a heat lamp in the pen with them . I go into the other side of the garage and fight through my husbands mess to locate the one good brooder light out of the 6 that are there (cord problems and socket problems with the others) then find the extension cord burried under god knows what and clean it off. I run it through to the pen, go back around (all this while having to listen to the baby ducklings peeping like mad and mother duck standing behind me hissing at me ( I admit to saying a few choice words to her about her mothering abilities). So now I have the light, the cord is run into the pen, and I am standing in the pen trying to decide how to hook the light without it hanging by its cord. I see a board it looks just right to run under the metal hanger on the light I pull it and a brick hunk falls from the ledge in the garage (it had been holding up shingles to block the wind from the holes in the side of the garage. and of course the brick hunk falls into the bucket with the ducklings. What are the (pardon my french) chances of that? Kills my favorite little duckling, at this point I am screaming about my awful life, and blaming my husband who is still in bed sleeping happily and the stupid mommy duck when we all know its no ones fault but mine for not being more careful. Board didn't work anyway, ended up usuing my chicken hook to hold it up with, those ducks better live, or Ill be madder then I am right now. I may bring them in later anyway.
    Well I needed to vent.I would go back to bed but I think Im too mad, plus at 4:30 yesterday a lady called I thought it was the one I had been talking to about buying my polish buck, but then I checked my email later and they had said at 2:40 they changed there mind, whoever it was I gave directions to my house and is suppose to be here around 10:30, I wonder what they are wanting? Maybe Ill sell them Wendy the "mommy duck". This broody duck thing sucks, our calls never did that.

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