Their 1st Outing at one week.


12 Years
Aug 16, 2007
One week old today and they got to go outside for a bit. They of course loved it.
Here they are, my
Standard cochins, red (Maylene), white (Lela), partridge (Leah), and gold lace (Martha)
and my 2 Jersey Giant girls (JJ and Bounce)

One of my big girls, the buff cochin was totally interested in all the peeping and came over to the gate and just laid down. Would not leave until I took them in.


Oh, they are soooo cute. Now forgive my ignorance but are the two dark ones with the white chests the two jersey giants? Makes you want to cuddle them doesn't it?
Pretty girls! I have a little red and a gold laced cochin too. They are two weeks old now. The little red is a pistol, she will throw quite a tantrum whenever I pick her up. My little golden laced though is the sweetest thing. She trys to crawl into my hands whenever I am messing around in the brooder, she loves to be held and told how pretty she is.

I think it is sweet one of your older chickens has taken an interest in the babies, may make adding them to the group a little easier.

Must be the red! My red is a little wild cat also. Martha the gold lace is very timid. The white is the leader of the pack. Don't you just love them!!
Jacie your new babies are adorable!!!!!
I love what you did with their pictures. You are so creative!!!!!!!

I have chick fever sooooo bad. My flock is growing up and will be a year old next week.

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