Their Daddy was a Partridge Silkie...


7 Years
May 24, 2012
I was told Mom was an Ameraucana, but I think they meant an EE. They are not the same age, and don't think they had the same mom. First and third pictures are Inky who is 6 weeks old. Second and fourth pictures are Mondo, who is 7 weeks old. Inky is a bit flighty and doesn't like to be picked up. Mondo is very calm and easy to handle. They have such bright colors. Are they both baby roos? (the lavender bird in the first picture is 7 weeks, and I'm pretty sure she's a she.

mondo is a roo inky looks like a pullet for now if inky is a pullet you'll have a good chance that she will lay a blue or green egg but she still might lay a cream silkie egg
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Thank you so much! It would be really nice if Inky turned out to be a pullet. I'll be happy if she lays ANY eggs, I'm totally negotiable on the color. :) My feed store takes roosters and gives a $5 store credit, so Mondo will probably have to go there. They sell mixed breed roosters for $15, purebred for various prices. I'll wait and see how loud he is. I have him in with Inky and two older Black Copper Marans girls--they all look so pretty together. Oh, and they have a pet bantam Cochin, too. The lavender pullet is moving to another run tomorrow.
Here are updated pictures of Inky, now about 11 weeks old. Does she still look like a pullet to you? She does seem feminine to me, but I've been wrong so many times...


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