Their here! I think I got a silkie or two. Pics on p 2

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  1. Well, my babies are here. I got pics coming later. The post office called with peeping news this morning. When I got into town the postmaster said there were a few dead ones though. Out of 82 chicks I have 36 dead. My dead pile was bigger til I got to looking and some were still moving so I warmed them up in front of the fireplace and got them some water, and got them going. They are doing good.
    Know that phrase about not dead til warm and dead, I believe it. Praise the Lord for the live ones.
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    I am sorry about the ones that died. What breeds did you get.
  3. Assorted Cochin Bantams
    Feather Footed Bantams Assorted
    Feather footed fancy Standards assortment
    Single comb Brown Leg -Roo
    Silver Laced wyandotte -Roo
    black Astrolorp -Roo
    Buff orpington -Roo
    RIR -Roo
    BR -Roo

    From what I can figure out my RIR roo didn't make it, and the rest are bantams that didn't make it. The rest are doing good in the brooder. I have about 6 in the house that I saved. I am believing they will make it too.
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    Thats a wide assortment of breeds. That will be a nice flock once they get big. I got a Single comb brown leghorn to.

    Good luck!
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  5. [​IMG]Here are the ones in the brooder, I'll try to get better pics. How do I know who's who or what?
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    Those are cute chicks, it toook me a little bit to figure out what some of mine where and I only got five. If you have some chick pictures to compare them to you chould try to figure out which are which. But once you do, you can tie different colors of yarn (on there legs) on the breeds. Here is what my Brown leghorn looks like. If that helps.
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    Are these replacements from MMH? I got mine too and so far so good! Replaced 38, ordered 12 more and got 52 total. There was an extra Cochin and Buff Rock male. I did lose a Blue Cochin right away and have a slow Cuckoo, but they are in the house and seem very content. Hopefully all keeps going OK. The older ones in the brooder that weren't weak to begin with are still doing fine.
  8. Kris, yes these are my replacements. I called MMH and they told me to call back on Wednesday to tell them how many I lost for sure. They told me to put honey on their tongues and I did with the real weak ones and that perked them up right away. I will have to figure out who's who or whats what real soon. We have supper plans with some friends of ours tonight, and I didn't get to work til about 1:40 this after noon. It's a good thing things aren't pressing around here right now. Thanks for sharing your pic of your blh I will have to look at them closer when I get home.
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    Sorry for all the lost chicks. Congrats on the survivors!
  10. Thanks Rebel. It was amazing, because in my dead pile to begin I had 48, and when I ended the process I had 38 dead. A prayer always seems to work. They were still moving so when I got them closer to the fireplace they started moviing more, and I watered them one by one. I think I ended up with 6 xtra chicks.

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