Their story WILL have a happy ending!

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    The sad story of Yoko and OhNo.

    So Thursday I brought home Yoko and Friday I brought home OhNo. Two sweet little Japanese hens. I posted about their crooked toes, but I should have gotten the big picture sooner than today - it hit me like a rock! Maybe I'll start wearing my reading glasses all the time. [​IMG]

    Okay - at first glance, the girls look okay except for a couple bare patches and messed up toes. I trim each ones nails as soon as we get home. Toes are curved, missing nails for each of them, one is missing a toe. Not pretty - but in general the feet and legs look okay, dirty, but okay. I kept thinking that something was off. Please bear in mind - no magnifies...I'm not seeing detail.....

    New feathers already growing in on the underside of necks and top of heads for both, skin where it shows looks fine, just a bit bald.

    Both girls were filthy. Everytime my white rabbit goes by I see how yellow they are and I decide to bathe them - can't stand to see them like that.

    2 days now, I'm looking at the pictures on the breed page and thinking, okay - wasn't thinking they were show quality to begin with, so other than scruffy - yup! they match the pic. But....

    Found my computer glasses under the couch where my 2 yr old left them - looked again - their legs shoud be yellow! My girls have these beige/brown legs with black spots! Straight into the bath we go!

    [​IMG] Both girls let me bathe them. They held still with no signs of stress as I took a new child size toothbrush and cleaned their feet and legs. Their legs are yellow. The spots were dead skin & random debris. The toes had never been cleaned whenever it was that they lost their nails. OhNo actually trilled when her feet went into the warm water. I baby oiled them for now - will redo some cleaning (debriding) and use something different in 3 or 4 days - am considering bag balm or vaseline; would welcome suggestions.

    Finally, it hit me what the heck was up with these two when I sat in the pen and watched this evening. Both watched the others when I threw some yummy weeds in. Only after watching carefully did they try it - so exciting! Both girls had to be put in the coop the first night here. They each wanted to hunker down in the hay under the coop. The second one - OhNo - took a very long time coming out of the coop this morning. It wasn't until another pullet ran in andout again the she followed suit.

    Bald only on the top of the head and underside of neck, longest wing and tail feathers broken on the ends, feet which did not develop properly, learning from younger chickens.....ending up dumped at a feed store: I think these girls grew up in wire cages. I mean, their whole lives. Bald spots? Sticking their heads theugh wire - a couple weeks at the feed store and those feathers had started to grow back. Everything about them reminds me of puppymill dogs I've worked with.

    I should have seen it sooner......[​IMG]

    They were both instantly accepted by my flock and Yoko allows a much younger (completely unrelated) pullet to tuck under her wing at night. OhNo is named so because I'm pretty sure that if she could talk - that's all she'd say! - a bit skittish...and it went with Yoko.....

    {Before you chastise me for not quarantining - I already had 3 birds from that same pen at the feed store (my flock is a really motley crew! - that's another story) - they had been roommates for a few weeks before the first 3 came to me. }

    Other than the obvious - fresh air, sunshine, good food, a happy home - have any of you dealt with "chickenmill" chickens? Anything in particular to do/look for?

    Thanks for reading and any advice you might have. Really - thanks BYC for listening!
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    Sorry, no experience that might help you, but Bless You for saving these poor birds. You are right: You are their Happy Ending.
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    Quote:[​IMG] , that over with........... you're reminding me of a tiny Yorkie (dog) we got at the pound umpteen years ago. He was miserable looking. Of course we gave him a bath right away, and then I pulled some teeth (him, not me), and he settled in. But within a few days I began to think his ears weren't 'quite' right. Never having had a Yorkie I didn't know what color the ears should be. I felt of them and BROWN began to peel off. Another bath, and a bit of shampoo on a soft toothbrush very gently on the front-facing part of his ears and they completely changed color! Poor little guy, he felt so-o much better and lived a very long time. We estimate his age at 15 when I had to put him down.
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    May 14, 2011
    I am glad you were able to take them under your wing. Sounds like they needed you very much.
    The Japanese are a sweet breed in my experience. Never met a mean or nasty one.
  5. navasima

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    Aug 6, 2011
    New Mexico
    Hey citychick! The funniest part is seeing OhNo fan her wings and tail and "face off" with the bunnies. They ignore her.......[​IMG]

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