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    Apr 19, 2011
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    so i put all the chicks out yesterday for awhile since it was beautiful outside.....the ducks were also out..i have a fence around a pool for the ducks and some grazing area then i have a little section attached to that for the when it was getting really windy out so i decided to put the chicks back in there got over the fence(with the help of my boyfriend because the fence is 3 feet high and i dont wanna trip over the fence) picked up two of the babies..handed them to my boyfriend..he took them into the coop...he came back over...i went to lean over to pick up my two silkies when THELMA [​IMG] flew up over the fence into the duck area and landed smack into the pool with the ducks [​IMG] the ducks threw a fit...thelma was flapping her arms like she was drowning and me(mind u i had to have help getting over the fence so my foot didnt was get tangled and fall flat on my face) [​IMG] i flew over that fence like it wasnt even there... [​IMG]...grabbed thelma and i think i had a heart attack..[​IMG] lmao...ran into the garage to grab something to wrap her soaking wet body in..jeff comes in and hands me paper towels.. like thats not gonna work i need a i grabbed the sheet that was lying there and went outside and wrapped her in it and held her until (i) was just layed there enjoying the knowing that chickens can be bathed....[​IMG]

    [​IMG] thank god my baby is alright!!! [​IMG]
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