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Mar 25, 2020
I had heard of poultry for patriots, and know a vet who finds solace and joy with his chickens. son isnt a vet since he is an elementary student, but he has ADHD and anxiety and our chickens are his therapy. Anyone else have therapy chickens? When he is upset he goes and snuggles and tends to his hens. They wont let anyone pick them up to snuggle except for him. (We can pet them if in his arms only and they follow me around excitedly so they're friendly-ish.)

Just wanted to share a simple sweet story of therapy chickens. :)
Anyone else have therapy chickens?
Yes, I value my chickens as therapy pets.. both emotional and physical! And even consider that part of the benefit that helps negate the cost of keeping them..

They're good listeners, they don't judge, they won't tell your secrets, and they don't care about politics. Collecting colorful egg makes me feel the joy of child getting a gift almost daily.. and that kinda happiness is infectious!

Stroking their soft feathers, speaking back and forth in gentile silly voices while they pick the lint off my shirt and make my legs toasty and look at me with trust and acceptance.. it's soothing to the core of my being.

I'm kind of under motivated.. and desperately NEED a reason to go outside at all during the rainy winter of the Pacific Northwest. They're literally an anti-depressant with not many negative side effects!

The husbandry needed by chickens also helps with physical activity and keeping a body in motion.. instead of letting the recliner slowly suck life away. I get to stay strong just taking care of my poultry friends and NO need to go to the gym or the physical therapist!

But then there's more.. the education given me about viral, bacterial, fungal, genetic, nutritional diseases.. biology microbiology and the general circle of life, where my food comes from and how my consumption impacts things.. Has been therapeutic on a level that helps keep me both grounded and accepting.. knowing that I'm not in control and that's okay!

I too recognize that chickens are NOT service animals as recognized by the American with Disabilities act and don't believe that's the question being posed by the OP!

I looked into the poultry for patriot mentioned.. and it appears as though it's attempting to get chickens into veterans back yards not sitting next to you on a plane or at the doctors office...

It's so cool that a friend gets to enjoy time with your chickens! One of my friends even cried when she discovered I homed one of mine that was uber special. Chickens, kept in the right set up (sometimes that means your friends').. can be very therapeutic, NO doubt! :hugs
3 of my girls are rescue chicks as someone bought them and realized the city wont allow them and returned them....which you cant an employee fostered them while looking for a home so...I took them home :) I do fear when one gets sick or dies, how my son will take it :( on a different note I bought him the chicken encyclopedia book so he can learn all about chickens:)
My son had Bean, a disabled coturnix quail we semi-jokingly called his “emotional support bird”. During the months we were locked down and unable to contact his friends, he would often sit and talk to his quail. When Bean recently passed away we had an awful scary couple of days watching my son’s emotional reactions. :hit Now we’re waiting on button quail to hatch. They won’t be the same but I hope a cute little pair will be enough to fill what my kiddo calls “the Bean sized hole in my heart”.

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