There are really small insects on my chickens head!

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  1. Hi everyone I have a chicken and I had a look at it and it has really super small insects on its head! Are they Mites?
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    Yes they sound like could be or they could be lice. I would suggest giving your all your birds a good dousing in lice mite powder. Usually if one has them they all could have them. Also check coops and any where your birds are housed for mites and lice. Mites usually live in the housing and come out at night when birds are roosting to feed. Repeated treatment will be necessary over several weeks to try and eradicate these pests.

    I would also reccomend having a good dust bath available for your birds so they can try to rid themselves of the pests. Also it's a good way for them to have a good scratch if they are feeling a bit itchy from these pests.
  3. What will these lice do if I don't treat them?
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