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    Jan 13, 2008
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    HELP !~!!!! I went in the coop today and i found a baby , a tiny lil baby !!!!!! ive had 2 broody hens and finally marked 2 eggs to let them fuss over, being as i have never allowed mine to have chics i don't know what to do, i did take it bring in the house and of course it has to be sunday when nothing is open but i crunched up some laying mesh and gave it some water , if there is anything else i need to be doing for this darling itty bitty chic could someone let me know, ive seen alot of chics but no kidding this lil darling is the smallest ive ever seen, now im a nervous wreck rippin the house apart looking for a heating light , will a reg light bulb do? what temp does it need to be kept....should i just put it back with its moma? How can i go to work with a lil baby like that in the house??? i hope it survives and me to [​IMG]
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    I would leave it with its mom
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    If its mama will accept it back, she'll keep it warm. Dont feed any layer. Till you can get to the feedstore for starter crumble, hardboil some eggs then mash them up finely and give the baby that. It's what's good in a pinch. Put a waterer where the baby can reach it, but maybe some marbles or rocks in it so the baby can't drown in the water.
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    Take a plastic tub, heat lamp, paper towel, feed, and water. Make sure the heat lamp is located in a spot that the chick can get away from it if too hot. If you don't have a heat source, take it back to mama because it won't be warm enough. Do you have a heating pad, that might work if put on low and covered with some towels. Make sure the chick can get off of the heat pad. Hope I helped.
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    AHHHHHHHHHHHH! dont give it layyer mesh!!!! give it some cooked oatmeal.. or a supper scrambled egg....the layer feed has to muck calciaum for it!
    also give it a tiny bit of sugar water to help it get a bit of energy... and lots of warmth... and
  6. Was it by the momma? If so, take it back out to her and see what she does. Chances are, she'll shove it back under her and keep it warm.

    If not, a box with a plain light box should do to keep it warm.

    It might not eat for a couple of days if it just hatched so don't be upset by that if it happens.

    Things should go fine. Keep us updated.
  7. I forgot to say that we keep our baby chicks warm with a headed seed pad (they fit under seed trays). So, I guess a heating pad should be just as good. We only use heat lamps outside. Inside, a regular light bulb should do.

    But most important, see if the mom will take over again - that will be the easiest.
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    Jonesbourgh Tennessee
    :yiipchickOk but i have two roosters in the pen , i have heard they will kill a baby chic is only reason i took it....and because its just one ....i found a heat light from previous iguana...took out the layin mash will boil eggs thanks so much yall for the suggestions....i have oatmeal to, will go first thing in the morning for chic starter....i found a lid on a new bottle of spice that hadnt been opened , it was sealed so im using that for the water dish hehee.....charging my camera to take photos .....i have danced all over the house, i got a new baby i got a new baby !!!! wow chickens just do something to me .....again thanks so much for the quick responses
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    Apr 9, 2008
    do not worry about roo's with chick mamma bird will woop their tail feathers

    I have a mamma bird with 2 bittys and she runs everybody out the coop till her and babys are ready to sleep

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