There is not a tag, "Landrace Fowl."

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    On the Icelandic thread, I wanted to add a tag, "Landrace Fowl." However, it is not available. There is: swedish-landrace, but that is not what I want. How do we add this as an option? Note: Landrace Fowl are not just Swedish.

    Four types of livestock and poultry breeds occur in North America: landraces, standardized breeds, industrial stocks, and feral breeds. These differ according to their history and selection, the relative level of uniformity versus variability, and the presence or absence of a formal structure to organize and promote them.

    from: Except from A Conservation Breeding Handbook: chapter 1.pdf


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    We still need to determine and document the process for adding new breeds. As the dust settles with the move we hope this will be a project we can work on to clarify the process!

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