There is nothing that annoys or ticks me off more!!!

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  1. I am going to speak my mind here, and after this, I will never say it again nor will I ever reply to anyone who criticizes or attacks any post made by me or anyone else regarding what peoiple choose to eat and have chosen to eat for thousands of years. I don't care if it is because someone simply likes a particular breed or because they are vegetarian or vegan, for those people that flip up their nose, criticize, attack, or attempt to push off their choices on someone else, and I am not saying everyone does- I find those people utterly obnoxious! They can eat what they want and not eat what they don't want, and I can respect that choice as long as they can respect my choice to consume what I want to eat. For those that can't, stay off my posts if they involve eating meat. If you can't respect another person's choice then don't expect me to acknowledge, respect, or even put up with you, and don't expect it from anyone else either! Toook everything I had to avoid cussing like a sailor. Thank you. That is all.
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    I agree completely. People forcing their views either way turn me off them completely. I am considering becoming vegetarian for health reasons, but people who rant on and on about how stupid anyone is for consuming meat just make me sick. Whatever one chooses to eat is each his own. I've got two people on my Facebook friend list who are otherwise extremely intelligent and are compatible with me on religious and social views who have recently gone on very obnoxious anti-meat campaigns. They are just about to be deleted.
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    Well said!!!
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    Live and let live works well for me too. And on a lot more subjects than just diet. Religion, poly-ticks, health, etc etc etc
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    If people really "cared" about the well being of the chickens, they would encourage back yard chicken raisers to kill and eat their own chickens. The more chickens we kill and eat at our house, the less our household supports the large poultry industry that houses their chickens in less than ideal conditions. Even our meaties get names and they get played with by our children. They range and have a happy if somewhat short life.
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  9. Thanks everyone. And I agree with both other points made here. Don't screw with me on religion or poly-ticks. Lol People who do don't like the responses they get from me. And yes, if people are really concerned for the health and welfare of the livestock that feeds us all, then keeping chickens and subsistence and micro-farming should be encouraged since welfare of both the animals and people consuming them is priority rather than profit.
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    WELL DONE!!!!!

    Give me my homegrown any day. I can no longer eat any chicken that is store bought or any from any other place. No going out to dinner anymore. The stuff they inject to (add flavor and tenderness) makes my joints ache and I swell up like a balloon. Yes, tested at a hospital for the problems. People I work with say how can you do that and I tell them : Easy it is eather my way eating homegrown or I die from complications. That is my options as told to me at the University Teaching Hospital after the local one could not find answers. So now all I is wild caught and hunted or homegrown.

    I will get off my soap box now,


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