There's a new sherriff in town!

Michelle R

In the Brooder
7 Years
Jun 29, 2012
My flock has been ruled by a little seabright (I think) rooster named Carl. Carl and I have not always gotten along and I've had to put him in his place more than once. Carl thinks he's 10 foot tall and bullet proof! This week one of my easter eggers (I think) decided to man up and start crowing.... and mounting....EVERY HEN IN THE COOP. This rooster's name is Fabio for a good reason! Carl just stands in the corner watching like he can't believe there is actually other roosters in the world! I'm enjoying watching how this changes the dynamic of the flock. Hope my pics show up....

This is Carl.

And THIS is Fabio.....(poor Carl doesn't have a chance)
I don't know....Carl does have that fabulous comb. Fabio's beard is rather splendid, too.

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