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  1. flipskid

    flipskid Hatching

    Aug 5, 2009
    has anyone wired up a thermastat to their heat lamps in their runs? I know most are low voltage and i imagine i can go find an old air conditioner or heater and steal the parts to a relay system . I saw a thermastat with a 110 volt 3 way plug built into it. Just wondering if anyone has done either option and can offer some advice or pics of the system

  2. Scott H

    Scott H Songster

    Oct 29, 2012
    Twin Lakes, ID
    My Coop
    Why would you heat your run?
  3. Hokum Coco

    Hokum Coco Crowing

    Dec 6, 2012
    New Brunswick,Canada
    In Canada I am subject to -40º cold snaps. I do NOT heat my coop or my run. Murphy's law says my birds will find out what -40 is all about when my hydro goes out. Regardless what you decide feed extra Corn over the winter you will not be sorry.

    Or something like this may help also; You could even knit a hoodie for those extra cold days.

    As I said I just get cold snaps lasting a few days or so. However climate similar to Saskatchewan Canada where the average daily winter temperature is -22º C lately has made me question my own beliefs.

    I know if I was raising birds in Saskatchewan and I noticed my flock in distress due to cold I would not hesitate to provide them with heat. One has to take a daily inventory on ones birds to gauge their over all health and well being. One has to pay due dilligence when you are responsible for your flock.

    I consider myself somewhat of an expert in my own area. That being said you can not be closed minded to others who are dealing with different challenges.

    Last edited: Dec 12, 2013

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