Thermocubes - for watering during winter

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    "Plug it into a standard electrical outlet, and its thermostat automatically turns power on if the air temperature falls below 35°F. Automatically shuts power off when temperature rises above 45°F."

    A $13 thermocube (Google to find one) can be used along with a $15 dog electric water dish from Home Depot during the winter. Even if your coop doesn't have electricity, you can safely run an adequate-grade extension cord to use the thermocube and a low watt light bulb.

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    May 28, 2010
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    I would be interested to see if anyone has had experience with this.
  3. joebryant

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    Quote:I have six of them in the barn and two for my two coops near my house; see My BYC Page. I leave them on all winter, and I never have to worry about the water freezing in the "dog" water bowls.
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    I used 'em and love 'em! I even used a "warm weather" one this summer. Got the model that turns on at 78 for the fan in my coop... used one of the cold weather models for a heat lamp last winter (not for my waterer...just use the lightbulb in the clay pot for that). This winter I'm going down to the "on at 20 model."
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    Where's the cheapest place to get thermocubes. I've checked our local stores (hardware and feed stores) with no luck. Online?
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    Quote:Yep! Google thermocube.
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    I saw them at Menards I think for $12..........................hi Joe, the blue boys are wormed and doing great

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    Quote:Hi, Earl, that's great! You can't imagine how glad I am to be rid of those two crazies. They're the darkest blue Orpington roosters that I've ever seen, almost black, but with their being younger than all the others and constantly being picked on, they were nothing but nuisances that had to be rounded up and into the run every night, refused to go on the roost with the big hens and rooster, crapped in the nest boxes, ... ad nauseum. I've no doubt but what they're going to turn out to be large beautiful roosters though and relieved that they got out of here before they both had nervous breakdowns... or caused me to have one.
    BTW, I got an email from Jess. One that I hatched for him in July IS more than likely a black rooster. Since he will only want blue roosters, he said that he's reserving it for you for your breeding program. He'll bring it here in about a month when he's 100% sure that it's a rooster, so you can pick it up here.

    ETA BTW, I'll check my local Menards to see if they're carrying Thermocubes.
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    fantastic if he turns out half as nice as your black roo, I'll have a treasure on my hands
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    Jun 13, 2010
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    Home Depot has them for about $12-13

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