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    Nov 25, 2009
    I have a fluker's thermometer/hygrometer and wanted to know if it displays the right temp. and humidity? How do I know if it is right? I want to hatch eggs and I want to know if my thermometer works good. [​IMG]

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    I usually test my thermometers by matching them to a medical thermometer. The hydrometer you have to stock it in a bag with wet salt in it in a bowl. The whole thing goes in the freezer. There is several threads on it. Dont remember what it should read.
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    To test the thermometer:

    Put it in a glass of ICE with enough water to barely "float the ice". After several minutes it should read 32 F. If not then just "note" how far off it is.

    To test the hygrometer:

    Put a 1/2 cup of salt into a coffee cup. Put enough water in it to make it like very wet, but firm sand. (about 1/4 cup water)
    Put the coffee cup into a quart Zip-Lock bag and then put the hygrometer near it (inside the ziplock bag). Zip it up and wait 12-18 hours. Pull out the hygrometer. It should read 75%. If not, note the variation and you are "good to go".


    -Junkmanme- [​IMG]

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