thermometers driving me crazy

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    Aug 11, 2009
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    Ok I have 5 yes 5 thermometers in the bator and all are giving me different readings
    the bator is a brower
    came with bator : 99.5
    aquarium therm : 95
    scientific in C 40
    meat therm( getting desperate) : 105
    acurite suctin cup : 97
    acurite temp/humidity : 106
    oh wait that is 6 hmm
    all are at "egg level" temp was great on digital untill I candeled some eggs them went wacky I'm thinking of getting something more stable and useing this as a hatcher
    going crazy here [​IMG]
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    Well, household thermometers don't have to have the accuracy of ones made for incubating like the Spot Check or Egg-Temp (same unit, different distributors). And if you use it more than once, the accuracy can go down due to condensation inside the unit from being in an enclosed, moist environment. My little suction cup/big numeral springfield that used to be accurate now reads 2 degrees too low on temp and 10% too low on humidity so I no longer rely on it. If you incubate alot, I'd get one specially made for the job that has a claimed accuracy rating. Spot Check's is +/- .18 (point one eight).

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