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    Oct 24, 2010
    I am hatchin my first ever eggs in an incubator. I got a Brinsea 20 with turner for Christmas & I have a Hova-Bator that I borrowed from a buddy of mine. Both incubators came with a little thermometer, the little kind like you would use for a person to check their temperature. I bought two of the hygrometers from Harbor Freight & checked them with the Honeywell thermostat on my wall for the C H&A. They both were about a degree off so I put one in each bator & adjusted accordingly. When I compare the temps to the little thermometers that came with the incubators there is a big difference. The little thermometers read about 101 F to the digital ones from Harbor Freight that read 99.5 F. Right now I have the little thermometers that came with the bators set around 99.4-6 F & the other ones are readin around 96.8 F to 97.4 F. Which one would you hatch with?
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    Jun 20, 2010
    The thermometers that came with the bators....little thermometers on flimsy plastic cards??? Pitch 'em...not worth squat! [​IMG]
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    So what are some of the better thermometers & hygrometers to use for incubating, I just pick them up locally but I am just not sure how accurate they are. I have had good hatches but I really want to be sure and right on the money with these numbers.

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    I would NOT recommend the digital thermometer/hygrometer from Flukers. It was 25$ and is not worth a cent.
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    Quote:I know people say this all the time, but, I have to say, I have two other thermometers in there and the little one that came with the Hovabator says the same thing as those two do. And, no, I don't think all three are off. I use it as a back-up if it reads true to others, mostly because it fits nicely on top of the eggs with the plastic attached to it.
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    I share your pain. I have 5 thermometers and each of them read differently - as much as a 5 degree difference from highest to lowest! If mine were only .5 degree off as yours are, I'd be happy. Interestingly, although they all read differently at normal room temperature, when I put them in the incubator and turned it on, the differences narrowed to within a degree. [​IMG]
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    WOW! Thank ya'll for all the help. I'm gonna use the digital ones & not pay any attention to the little ones that came with the bators. I'm gonna set my Brinsea with the fan on 99.6 & the Hova-Bator still air on 100.6. I have the auto-turn cradle for the Brinsea & the auto-turner for the Hova-Bator. The humidity is stayin around 41-43%. On day 18 when I lock down I'm gonna jump it up to around 65%. We shall see & I will post how it turns out in about 18 days.

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