Thermostat for coop

Ialso have a thermo-cube.
you can buy them, at fleet farm or any electric or hardware store about $ 8.00
its a double plug outlet. that shuts off anything connected to it .
and turns it on. when the degrees change.

On.at35* off at 45*
On at 2*c off at 7*c

I hope this helps.
Thanks for the thermostat suggestions. I want to get my heat lamps rigged to thermostats for the winter. Doing some winterizing work this past weekend. Hope to do more this upcoming Saturday.

For years, my parents have had the light on their pump rigged with a thermastat. Want to do that with mine, too. In the past, we just turned the lamp on after the first really cold snap and left it on all winter. With Alabama's crazy winters, that meant days where the inside of the pump house was absolutely sweltering. Didn't want to do that with the chicken house.
In Alabama, I don't see where you would need to add any heat to your coop for chickens that are feathered out. It just doesn't get cold enough to be any danger or even uncomfortable to the chickens if the coop is properly ventilated. They actually handle cold better than heat. And be careful adding any electrical or mechanical device in the coop. The dust and dander chickens generate can short out electrical devices and shorten the life of anything with moving parts.

However, they are your chickens and if that is what you want to do, that is your business. Just please be careful with the dust.

Good luck!
Our chickens are in a 12 x 14 shed. It isn't really tight. Had goats in there last year and spent several mornings waiting on kids, shivering at 25 degrees. Thinking of getting a batch of chicks to grow off over the winter and wanted to be sure they are nice and warm.

The "old timers" keep telling me to expect a hard winter this year... thick corn shucks and bumper crops of persimmons. Don't want those 5 degree nights to sneak up on me.

Last year, we had several nights around 18 degrees. I don't worry about the chickens above 32, but I do have concerns about teens and low 20s.

BTW, the shed is already wired. It has an outlet and our electric fence charger. Has an eight-foot ceiling height.
JUlie A,
I use the thermo cube plugged in on the porch and
run an outdoor extension cord to the coop
for the heat lamp it hangs above the water feeder,
keeps the water from freezing.also allows the hens a little
heat . and they have been living like that in our winters,
this year we are expecting more cold then usual.

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