Thermostat went haywire.. did they survive...


5 Years
Mar 16, 2014
SE Michigan
I hope you unplugged the incubators and removed the lids and removed the eggs and rolled them around until the temperature came down. That can take 30 minutes or more.

Candling probably won't tell you what you want to know for a day or two. I had this happen twice and it resulted in 50% losses at 106. Never had it up at 111, but air temp is not egg temp for several hours. It's the temp of the chick in the shell that matters. Overheat that close to hatch can cause the albumen to be VERY sticky, my chicks that didn't make it were covered with mucilage and suffocated before they could pip.

By day 20 you should have been seeing/hearing some action if your thermostat and thermometers were accurate.
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