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    Jan 15, 2010
    Just need a little help with my homemade incubator.

    Just where is everyone buying these wonderful thermostats? Whether it be hot water heater or wafer. Thanks a lot

    Also, I'm located in NYC.
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    I'm using one called a Zilla thermostat. It is designed for reptile terrariums. I used to use a hot water heater one but the Zilla is so much better. Not such a huge temp swing. And it's so easy you don't need to know anything about electrical wiring because it has a plug right on it that you can just plug your heat source into. I love it! I got it at petsmart or petco online. It cost about $43 but I think it's worth it. I had so many below average hatches before I was desperate to up my chances. But I am on my first hatch with this thermostat. Time will tell. My candled eggs look good.
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    I have ordered a Zoo Med ReptTemp 500R Thermostat Remote Sensor for Reptiles ($23 from Amazon). No wiring, just plug your heat source in to it. Also, it attaches to the outside of your incubator (has a 6' sensor cord) so you don't have to open the incubator to adjust temp. I tried the water heater thermostat but got tired of having to open the incubator and adjust the temp 10 times a day.
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