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    Trying to get a list of Thermostats that members have used and (good or bad report). Your favorites and why...

    #1 For me is Incubator Warehouse .Its like $49.00.In my controls <.5 deg F . DIGITAL and all electronics are mounted on outside of Incubator (out of high humidity) only a few wires and 18 in. remote temp. sensor probe cable go inside .Size about 3.5x3.5x1 in inches..You can set it to the 1/10 of deg.Got 6 hatches on mine and its been great.Switching up to 1000watts Will buy again

    #2 Ranco 111000 its like $50.00 on ebay.Its Digital Rugged Unit about 6.5x2.5x2.5 in inches.It also is mounted on outside of Incubator (out of high humidity).It only has 1 wire/cable going into the incubator (remote Temp.sensor probe w/8 ft length). It controls +or- 1 deg F .It is adjustable in I degF increments only no 1/10s.Also have 6 hatches on mine Switching up to 15 amps 120 vac. Will buy again

    #3 I tried HOT Water Heater thermostats but have not had ant good luck!!!!! (like shaveing with AXE) never buy again/except for my water heater
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    My top thermostat would have to be the Wafer thermostat, it is a multi incubator thermostat. You can use it in your cabinet incubators, or table top incubators.

    My second favorite would be the Water heater thermostat. I have had great luck with them. They are cheap, and although they need to be modified after you buy it, it sure beats having to buy a thermostat online. I recommend only using the Water Heater thermostats for cooler incubators, or other table top incubators, and I only recommend using them with either a light bulb, or a heating element that gets hot really fast.

    My third favorite, would be the Bi-metal thermostats. They are used for a lot of household items, so I can get my hands on one fairly easily.

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