These are the reasons I completely hate pure idiot, cold-hearted people...

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  1. I just cried for like 15 minutes.. Watched a video on YouTube called : 50,000 reasons to care: share on Facebook...

    An owner of an egg facility left 50,000 hens to die. Starved from food for over two weeks. Luckily a foster facility for farm animals found them and saved them! This video is very upsetting! I honestly hate these people! Just left them! It shows an uplcose video of one hen.... All feathers are just quills, she's muddy, barely breathing and just pitiful. I'm hoping and praying to god that at least some lived on.... Please if ANYONE has an injured animal or you can't afford to take care of them please don't leave them to die! I'm actually taking in " special " poultry... Ones with like one wing, no legs, cross-beak, etc. Just thought if share this pitiful story with y'all and pray that the cold-hearted person who did this is in custody : )
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    I haven't sen the video...and don't want to. Things like that really anger me. I don't understand cruelty to animals. And, while I'm no fan of PETA or their tactics, I would think they would be all over this guy and some legal action would be in his future. Take care, Poultry Couture - you've got a good heart!
  3. Thank you : )

    These people deserve a taste of their own medicine :/

    They have no heart and just breed and breed, kill and kill, etc just for money and could care less about the actual animal. It's sad cause they put an actual " expiration date" on the bird! Sad, Sad,Sad... Wish I could put an expiration date on him! >: )
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    Very painful to watch....animal cruelty of any kind, disgusts me,,,,,, and breaks my heart to see. I hope whoever is responcible for the neglect of those birds is brought to justice. Nobody should get by in doing something so horrible as that. I to, pray that the remainder birds that were saved, are living the good life now.
    This just makes me want to go hang out with my little flock and give them some lovin & good treats :)
  5. Same : )

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