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    Nov 14, 2008
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    Ok I have three 2 week old rirs and three 1 week old wyandottes in the brooder in my room. Well, they have a red light on. After the first few nights I couldnt sleep with the red light on anymore. I still didnt turn it off, just went with out sleep. I dont want to move them because I feel like theyre safer in here with me! I am so sleep deprived tho! So, last night and tonight I decided to turn off the red light. Theyre old enough now, they should be fine. BUT THEY DONT THINK SO!!!!!!! [​IMG] They wont SHUT-UP!!! Theyre going crazy. They did the same thing last night, I didnt get to sleep until about 3am and now Its 2 and im still awake!! PEEP!!! PEEP!!! PEEP!! PEEP!! PEEPPEEPPEEP!! PEEPPEEP! PEEP!!! My eyes are buring Im so tired and on top of it all Im sick and one of the chicks (2 week old) learned how to get out of the brooder!! YIPPEE!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Jan 11, 2009
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    Put them in the bathroom and shut the door.
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    Totally know the feeling! I spent 2 hours looking for a chick today that got out. I have a cat and was scared to death. They are in the room with the door shut, but the doors in my house have a 3-4 inch gap at the bottom and just knew it could fit under it. I finnaly found it under the dresser. I never knew my dresser had a gap at the back on the bottom until I finally pulled it out and sure enough there it was. Put it back in the box, with wire ontop this time, and the peeping begins again.
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    Try putting a blanket over the box. They should quiet down if they're in complete darkness. That's the only way mine will be quiet. Putting them in the bathroom as suggested above is also a good idea.
    Good luck.

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    If their red light is also their heat source, they really need it on them until they are atleast 4 weeks old. If it is their heat source they could be making so much racket because they are getting too cold.

    Not sure if this is the situation at all but just a thought. [​IMG]

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    Are they warm enough??? I heard that they peep if they are cold.
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    Oct 6, 2008
    What are you afraid is going to hurt them in another room???

    I agree with some who said to cover the brooder and make it completely dark. That was the only way I was able to make mine shut up and believe me, they can be VERY annoying.

    If you don't choose another room for them or learn to sleep with that red light on, you will only make yourself sicker. If you don't take care of yourself, you can not take care of your chicks.
  8. MarlaKaye

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    Jan 14, 2009
    Well this one is easy for me.... I had problems with my peeps when I turned out the lights till I turned them down slowly...

    Start with three lights on, or us a sheet or blanket to bring the lights down slowly. Mine are in the bathroom, so when I do my bedtime ritual, I turn the first light off and sing to them very quietly... they love the rythem of "3's". I'm sitting on the throne, shhhhhh don't tell anyone. Then when I brush my teeth I turn down the lights more, using dimmer. this could be done with using more than one light in the brooder. For example I have used christmas tree lights in addition to the warming lite... then after I have put on my PJs, brushed my hair etc. I turn off the last lite... NO more peeping. They are snug and happy.

    I know it works because if I don't do it, thier cries make my Mommie heart feel terrible for them, not to mention keep me from sleeping.

    I would use earplugs but I want to know if there is a problem.

    Oops I forgot to mention thier sleeping box. AKA suragote Hen. first one was made with an oatmeal box cut shorter, turned upside down, with a door cut and bent open. The overhang gives a place for one who feels a little too warm to spread out while still feeling snug with the rest of them.

    It is simple that they need to have some warning... they like to get a last sip of water and find their place in the little round box they all sleep in. And they need to hear your voice. Talk to them, tell them it is bedtime, they will learn the meaning of language, and sing a song. chickens love lullabies more than any species I know.

    fyi, the little round box they sleep in has a heating pad under it turned on low... and I have carefully calibrated this. It is round to prevent piling up, and I don't keep more than six in a brooder box thusfar.

    I also lined it with some feathers. I did this experimentally with a control box without the feathers, and they prefered the feathered box. AS they grow the size of the box must grow too, so I have three boxes now. The box for sleeping makes them feel protected and gives the feeling of the snugness under mom's wings. It is scary going to sleep laid out in the same big box they use for playing all day.

    I use a thermometer/hydrometer in it with a remote read out that sits by my bed. If it gets too hot for them or too cold, I can tell right away. I think it has an alarm on it. If I set the perameters, it would warn me, but I haven't learned to use it yet. about $10 at wal-mart. The hydrometer came in handy one time when there was a water spill!

    Keep in mind the warmth issue and fresh air. And get a good nite's sleep dreaming of whatever your heart desires. Mommie duties need to take a rest, too.

    This is my first posting,, so somebody write back, so I don't feel like a fool giving all this information. I realize I am talking to "the experts" here.
    Your Friend,
  9. MarlaKaye

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    Jan 14, 2009
    OOps, forgot to mention... thier pecking order. Have you noticed that even the little ones develope a pecking order?

    It seems they don't just all rush into the sleeping box, they need time to go into it in an orderly fashion. Thus no squabbles, like... "Mom, Mikie hit me, Keep your pajama's on your side of the bed, and You have stinkie feet, turn around the other way!" Ok, I admit it, I grew up in a disfunctional home and am still quite affected.

    Till later,
  10. A.J.'s

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    Nov 11, 2008
    Healthy chicks who are not hungry, not thirsty and who are warm enough do not make a sound.
    Its just that simple. They are not comfortable. Just as a new baby would be loud and not resting if it was hungry or cold.

    Id suggest you warm them up.

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