These goats are natural comedians! *3 photos*


13 Years
Jan 13, 2007
Central California
Hey Folks,

Well, I've owned goats for about 3.5-4 years now and I love the things. I had my two girls, Zoey and Momma, up until last year. Zoey is Momma's daughter and they're very close. Last year my grandma had a little pygmy wether dumped over her fence with a broken leg, and she had no idea what to do with the little guy. He couldnt walk on it at all, it was snapped completely in half. Being the wanna be vet that I am (Im going to school to be a vet, btw
), I brought him home, did research, set his leg and cared for him. He's doing great now, walks like his leg was never broken and tries as hard as possible to keep up with the girls when they're having a running fit in the pasture. I named him Dexter. Anyways, I was out there today taking photos of them and they were cracking me up, so here ya go!



Zoey Girl....


And little Dex with my giant scovy, Lurch...

Thanks, everyone! She smiles a lot, its really cool.

FK, I was waiting for that link!
I knew you'd be here with it, haha. I was going to register the day I posted this, but I was too lazy. Thanks!

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