They all have pasty butts!

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    Aug 29, 2010
    My first 6 chicks came yesterday and none of them figured out how to squat right and pooped on themselves. They have this mob mentality where, if one of them does it, they all do it! If one of them eats, they all eat. If one of them drinks, they all drink. If one of them pecks at the water bottle instead of IN the water dish, they all do it (which is actually kind of funny, except for having to teach them how to drink every time I check in on them). And, if one of them poops on themself, they all have to do it .

    They're doing fine now. None of them blocked off their vents and I've cleaned most of the poo off (at least all that they could stand being held up-side-down for). Three of them seem to have figured out how to squat properly, but that means that I still have 3 little chicks with wet little butts! I just wanted to grumble about it before I went to find a hair dryer [​IMG]

    Watching them put their heads between their legs trying to reach their butts is pretty cute, though [​IMG]

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