They all lived together fine...then yesterday...

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by HollyTree, Dec 30, 2009.

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    Jul 15, 2009
    Little Rock, Arkansas
    my husband calls me and tells me that my White Leghorn roo is relentlessly chasing the guineas and HE is all bloody!
    I have 10 Rhode Island Red hens, 1 WL roo, and 7 guineas. They have a 12x14 barn and connected is 7x24 run.
    I don't know roo's age but he's not a big chicken, maybe 3-4 pounds. He started crowing about this spring. The hens are maturing nicely, they are about the same weight, some are little heavier. They are about 9-10 months old.
    DH caught roo and put him in the chicken hospital cage. He was bok bok'ing and making a rucus still. He finally settled down in his cage and he stayed there for the night. I let him out this morning to eat and he still is hacked off at the guineas. I watched him for a minute and he would go from corn pile to corn pile but in between he would chase after them. The guineas are fine, no harm done. But why in the world is the roo bloody? The guineas just run from him, they didn't do it.
    I'm guessing that roo is maturing a little more and is becoming more aggessive? He's usually such a nice tempered chicken. He doesn't appear to be trying to breed with the guineas. However, my hens are becoming more of a breeding age now. What are your
    thoughts? What's his problem?

    Oh, I got my first eggs!!! I posted a "sick of sick chickens" post earlier this month, they must have heard me and decided they better get to it or chop, chop! LOL
    btw, after I butchered the matching WL roo earlier this month, I have not had any more illness! YEAH! (just misbehavior now, lol)
    I get a nice big brown egg every other day, a couple of times each day in a row. I can't catch which one is laying! [​IMG]
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    Oct 7, 2009
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    I'm sorry, I don't know squat out roos, never had one, but did you inspect the bloody spot on him to see what kinds of wound they were? IE, puncture or a scratch? Just thinking that might narrow the possibilities re what happened. Sorry to hear he got hurt [​IMG]

    CONGRATS on the first eggs! That's such a great feeling, isn't it? [​IMG]

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