They are all here!!! (Pics)


10 Years
Dec 27, 2011
Southern PA
The girls have arrived!!! Well, the final round anyway.

These are our first chickens... and after they came I ordered our first ducks. I could not help it! It was like an involuntary action

I picked up our seven tiny chicks from the post office last Tuesday (making them 10 days old today). And our two ducklings today. The post master was playing with them when I got there to pick them up. We live in a very small, rural area... So I think that keeps that him opening the box from being a federal offense!

We are now the proud owners of (one of each): Easter Egger, Silver Laced Wincotte, Barred Rock, Blue Polish, Hamburg, Buff Orphington, and a Delaware. AND two buff and white runners.

My husband is still working on the coop, which will be beautiful! I am so excited! It is about time we turn this place into an actual "farm" after four years...

Enjoy the photos!

All of the chicks (day 1)

Norma (the Delaware) named after my father Norm who went to U of Delaware

Lola (the Polish) because she will look like a showgirl with that head dress :) And all of her favorite sleeping buddies!

The ducks have arrived. Moments of rest and hydration in their box before meeting the team...

Finally, after much running around and deciding that the new additions were alright everyone takes a good nap together. One big happy family!!!
Is that orange thing on Lola's head... part of her head?
It's too cute.
Yes! She is a crested Polish so that will turn into an incredible head of feathers. She is already my favorite (Hence why she is one of the ones with a name)... but don't tell the others!

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