They are coming!!


6 Years
Jul 9, 2013
Caribou, Maine (almost in Canada!)
My 8 chicks shipped from Mypetchicken site today, should be here Wednesday morning. I am SO nervous, I hope they survive alright. It is in the 30s tonight for temps, so hopefully wherever they end up for the night won't be too cold. :-( Going to be a nervous wreck until I can pick them up from the post office.
No updates from USPS, I am neurotically refreshing the screen every hour to see if there are any updates, I want to know where my fuzzy babies are! The last update had them in Mansfield, OH at 5:09pm last night...I am praying they will be at the post office tomorrow morning, three nights out in these temps and I fear the worst...Ugh, this waiting is horrible!!!
Keeping fingers crossed for your little ones. USPS is really bad about updating sometimes, so just because there are not updates doesn't mean the chicks haven't moved. I use the Mansfield PO and they are really good about taking care of the chicks, so hopefully yours got in and out of there in good shape.
Thank you for that info, good to know they are not just sitting outside in a truck somewhere at the Mansfield post office! Ugh, never been so antsy and worried for anything in my life like these baby chicks! Think I was even calmer on my wedding day! lol
I so know how you are feeling! I felt the same way last year for my 1st chick order from MyPetChicken.

FYI - My Meyer chick order was shipped yesterday and I got a call this morning from the PO at 10:30 ish - chicks had arrived! All doing just fine. My tracking info didn't get updated either so your chicks are probably closer than you know.

Meyer ship small chick orders with a heat pack so depending on how many you ordered I'd say they are doing just fine!

What kind have you ordered? My 5 are a RIR, 2 Black Copper Marans, 1 Spitzhauben and a Dominique.

I left work at 11 to take a long lunch, shot off to PO, got everyone home and tucked in with food and water and the Binsea EcoGlow which I love.

Taking the next 3 days off to work on my chicken run and enjoy my new chicks! Plus it's DD's 13th birthday Thursday so I can stay home and be a devoted Mom for the day!

Let us know when the chicks arrive! Pics welcome.
I am very excited for you! My Pet chicken will most likely ship them with a heat pack so they should be fine.

Bring a bottle of water with you so you can dip beaks.

take pictures too! I love Peeping Packages!!!!!

My daughter opening our first peeping package from My pet chicken - I did check to be sure they were all okay before I let her look.

My chicks ship on the 23rd and I cannot wait!!!!

post those pictures!!!!
Thanks all!! I got an update from USPS, they were in Bangor, ME at 2:03pm, which is about a 2.5 hour drive from here, so hopefully they will be here safe and sound tomorrow morning!!! Still a nervous wreck, I haven't told my 4 year old son yet, don't want to get his hopes up if there are any issues..

I got 3 speckled sussex, a welsummer, a light brahma, mottled cochin and a white cochin, and a barred rock. I wanted some nice cold tolerant breeds since it gets cooold in Maine! There will be lots of pictures, I love photography and I love baby chicks, so I am going to enjoy this. :)

I am going to go into work an hour late, as the post office said they will be in by 8am (maybe earlier). That way I can get them home, show them where the water is, where the food is, check for pasty butt and tuck them in. I also have an ecoglow, so hopefully they will know what to do with it! I hate to have to go right back to work so soon after they arrive, but no one to cover for me. :-( Hopefully all will go smoothly, even though it's going to make for a long day at work wondering if they are ok!!

I will keep you all posted with how it goes!!

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