They are growing so fast!

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    Well my hubby and I finished the entire inside of the big outside coop for the babies today. They were in a chick-n-hutch that we got 2 weeks ago inside the big unfinshed coop. The big coop is insulated and wood walls, and a cement floor. I think it was a shed the previous owners had, but we divided it in half, built walls, insulated it and put in a new door and window. It also has a skyligt in it for sunshine for the girls. It stayed pretty warm for them with a heat lamp over the small hutch, but hubby sealed every crack and hole and now it is as snug as can be and very predator proof! Yeah.!!!! anyway tonight I put a bunch of wood shavings on the floor with food and water and the light in the corner and I was going to let them play while I cleaned the small hutch, but oh my gosh they just went crazy with the shavings trying to take dust baths and rolling all around in them having a blast. It was hysterical we laughed till our stomachs hurt! (I will not let them go outside in the run for a couple more weeks at least. ) So I left them out for a couple hours so we could go eat and when we came home they were all snuggled in the shavings under the light sleeping on the large stick that we put on the floor for them to roost on. So I guess they don't want in the too small hutch anymore. They do have the light about 15 inches above them and seem to be just fine and not all huddled tight under the light. I guess they will be just fine tonght, although mommy will still worry about them tonight. They are almost 3 weeks old and the temps are only going down in to the high 50's the next couple nights at least. Just can't believe they grow so fast! I just absolutely adore them and can not believe how much friendlier they are out of the hutch now. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Enjoy them while they are little! They do grow really fast!

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