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Jan 24, 2011
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My Coop
So I have 12 hens that are 18 weeks old this week. They started squatting at 15 weeks. Now all but one have very red combs and wattles and 5 are laying. The eggs are still pretty small. The largest of which has been 1.58 grams which is considered a small egg but they are starting to get consistent with their laying. I am getting so excited. I am going to have to start seeing if people want eggs though because I have a dozen every 2 days.

I don't think I can sell them though with them being so small.

What do you guys do with your peewee eggs?
We use the smaller eggs and sell the larger ones. Every year I get 6 new pullets so I have all sorts of sizes and colors. Each dozen I sell has 3-4 jumbos, 3-4 large, a couple mediums and a small one just for fun. You could sell 18 small ones for the price of a dozen until the eggs get large enough to sell as a dozen.
Same here. The little ones are great for hard boiled eggs.

Mmmm I bet egg salad sandwiches too or potato salad. I have to think of someway to use them because they are definitely getting busy.

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