They are just like little puppies!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mrsbos, Sep 11, 2010.

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    "They sit on your lap, really?" "They come when you call them?" "You can pet them?"

    You veteran chicken keepers have probaby heard it a million times from people.

    I'm a first time chicken "mama" to three 4 week old Ameraucana pullets (hopefully not roos) that I got when they were 1 day old. We got them because I thought it would nice to have fresh eggs, and I had "heard" that they could make good suburban backyard pets. My husband and 3 kids have made it a point to be very hands on with them (probably spoiling them rotten too), and have also been pleasantly surprised at how responsive the chicks are to us. But it's so funny how many people think that chickens are like pet fish or a turtle or even a parakeet in a cage---you give them a home and food, but don't actually get anything back from them as far as a back-and-forth interaction. Or that they're just brainless birds with no personality.

    It's been an absolute joy everyday to watch their development. There is nothing cuter than having them run like the wind to you when you have a treat, but what's even better is when you don't have any treats and they just come up to you and jump on your lap! One of our chicks is especially affectionate and seems like she wants to be held all the time, and is always the first to come running to us. What a great feeeling! I felt bad though when I forgot to warn my 10 year old not to get his face too close to of the girls almost pecked his eye! No pet is perfect [​IMG]

    Our family has definitely been converted to chicken lovers, though I'm not looking forward to winter (We live in Spokane--eastern WA state). Winters are long, cold, and sometimes very snowy. Spending time outdoors with the girls is probably not going to be as enjoyable then...and I have no idea how I'll deal with keeping the coop (an Eglu Go) from getting snowed in during winter storms. I'm sure there will be some challenges ahead, but we'll be waiting with great anticipation for sometime in February, when they'll be 6 months old, for that first egg!

    Love this forum by they way!

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    You have NOT spoiled them, you have done what one must do in order to have tame, affectionate chickens. Good work!
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    [​IMG] from Central Illinois! [​IMG]

    You'll never regret it... watch out for chicken math! [​IMG]
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    We are also new to this and proud parents to 4 two week old chicks, 2 RIR, Gold Laced Wyandotte, Delaware. They ARE like puppies! We have 2 two week old ducklings and 2 four day old ducklings also. We are definitely their mom's, dad's, brother's. Ain't chicken love grand??? So glad you are enjoying them as much as we love ours.

    We are just east of North Bend, near Snoqualmie Pass and can also get pretty brutal winters. I am really worried about putting them outside next month. My husband is building an amazing coop and duck house.....but they say it's going to be an El Nina winter. Last El Nina winter we had was really cold (well for the PNW) and we had tons of snow. ACK!

    Spoil them silly. We have had all of them in our laps in the evening and we let the big ducklings wander around the living room and then sit in our laps before a swim in the tub.


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