They are peeping, pipping, zipping and hatching right here beside me now

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    as I write this post - this is soooooooo much fun and also very addictive!

    We've got two incubators going right now, the one beside me is an LG with fan and we had the egg turner in for the first 18 days - today is 'hatch day' for this bator - the 'early birds' - 3 of them - hatched out last evening and three more overnight and this morning with about 10 more of the 42 egg
    total we set in that one in some obvious stage of hatching out.

    Hope we have better hatch rate this time with the LG - a month ago only 22 of the 42 eggs we set hatched but this time we put in a fan and are using a hygrometer in addition to the turner we used last hatch so are hoping for
    higher rate of hatch.

    In the living room my new Hova Bator Genesis 1588 with the large window,
    fan, digital display and turner is set with another 42 eggs and lockdown for
    that one is tomorrow with hatch day on Friday.

    We've got the brooder all set up and heated up - leaving them in the incubator for the first 24 hours to keep the humidity up for the unhatched eggs and to let them dry out really well.

    All of our eggs are from our flock of Barred Plymouth Rocks.

    Happy Hatching Everyone!!!!!!
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    How fun! Mine aren't due to hatch until the 30th. Some friends of ours have a special-needs son who is very excited to see a chick hatch, so I'm hoping they will start in the evening, or wait till Sat. so he can come and maybe watch the hatching process. Should be lots of fun! I have been known to sit up all night just to watch chickens hatch...

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